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Live Bait Map
Our bait map updates in REAL-TIME to show you the latest on who's got bait.

Each waypoint is COLORED to let you know who's got bait at a glance.

GREEN means the seller has LIVE bait.

BLUE means the seller has FROZEN BAIT or other ITEMS and SERVICES.

And RED means the seller is CLOSED.
Bait Shops
Tap a waypoint and you'll be greeted with an INTERACTIVE seller panel.

Simply view the seller's information and decide if you'd like to pay them a visit!

Easily NAVIGATE to their address, CALL their phone number, or EMAIL them with the push of a button.

Tap the STAR to add it to your FAVORITES!
GotBait App Seller Image
GotBait App Seller Image
Pick Favorites
FAVORITE the bait shops you frequently visit to EASILY check on them!

Sellers can communicate SPECIAL OFFERS, future BAIT AVAILABILITY, and MORE!
Share Account Across Devices
If your bait shop has multiple employees, simply login to the SAME ACCOUNT account on multiple devices!

Any changes made to your bait shop will be visible to ALL DEVICES in REAL TIME!

Fully supported on iOS and Android!
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